• Ursula Graetz Goodies online store is not just a place to sell custom made products depicting pictures or goodies from the various novels written by Ursula Graetz as an Author, but also, as a Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Practitioner as well as an Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner, she has brought inspirational goodies into her store, to marriage her goal of uplifting, inspiring and motivating others. Over time, we will be adding more goodies to our collection. So do pop in regularly. 
  • Then, with her love for fashion and flare, Ursula Graetz has also started her own clothing and accessories line.
  • We do hope you will find the perfect item/s that will truly bring you and your family and friends lots of joy. 

If you wish to view and/or purchase books by Ursula Graetz, head over to her amazon site: just copy and paste this URL into your internet brower:  amazon.com/author/ubwessels

If you wish to find out more about Ursula Graetz Therapies just head over to her website: ursulagraetz.co.za